Our culture is made up of several components, some that we strive to execute day-to-day such as our values and creating a diverse and inclusive environment for all Plerionauts. There are other components such as joining the Pledge 1% philanthropy program which is our long-term ambition to give back to the community in the future. Each component is as important as the other, and something we believe all Plerionauts should be passionate about.

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Plerion's values

NASA explains that culture is simply, 'what most of the people do most of the time'. Our values form the universal approach to our company’s culture. It’s what our company strives towards every day and it’s what we look for when we hire new Plerionauts to join the spaceship.

Our Mission

Our mission is to relentlessly empower and improve our customers’ lives as the driving force to Plerion are our customers

Security is top priority

Security is an integral component of every facet of our company

Action over inaction

We won’t always have the data to support a decision, but we have the utmost trust in you and that you will make the best possible decision for our company and customers

Think Big

We have a culture of innovation and driving the art of the possible. We value unique ideas that defy convention to not only solve problems but more importantly, help us better serve our customers

Celebrating one another

We want to ensure that we’re building each team member on a professional and a personal level. Delivering on results matters and we want to make sure we celebrate whenever we get the chance

No Ego. No BS.

Everyone should be a team player and that means we need to create value by focusing on the things that matter most (our customers), simple as that

Work-life harmony

We want to create a culture of doing what you enjoy, not just in your personal life, but your professional life too. As the saying goes “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. We don’t want you to feel like it should be a trade-off

Continuous learning

We have a culture of continuous learning, up-skilling and discovering new avenues both professionally and individually. We must evolve into adaptive engines of change, powered by a culture of fast and effective learning at all levels

Challenge the Status Quo

To achieve our objectives we need to remain relentless in delivering continuous improvement. Settling for average standards is simply not good enough.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) are key to creating an environment where everyone can succeed at Plerion. By creating an environment that respects and values diversity, we can better serve and create value on behalf of our customers as well as our peers, direct reports, and the managers we report to.


Diversity is about acknowledging our differences, and inclusion is about tapping into those differences, leveraging them in a way that makes people feel valued and connected.  


Equity is the process of ensuring that processes and programs are impartial, fair and provide equal possible outcomes for every individual.


Inclusion is seen as a universal human right and defined as “the fact of being included”. The aim of inclusion is to embrace all people irrespective of race, gender, culture, religion or other defining features and remove the barriers for them.  

It is imperative that we strengthen the culture of inclusion to encourage diverse perspectives and create an environment where all team members can perform at their best. Achieving this requires everyone to be actively engaged in practising inclusion – making everyone feel welcome.

Please remember this “Diversity is a program. Inclusion is a state of mind”

Pledge 1%

In due course, we want to join the likes of other enterprise businesses (Salesforce, Atlassian etc.) to pledge 1%. It’s a commitment to be a force of good through supporting philanthropy into our business operations since inception. The 1:1:1 model is where organisations pledge 1% of their equity, employee time and product -

Pledge 1% of Equity: This could be company equity, personal equity as a founder or the combination of the two.

Pledge 1% of Employee Time: Volunteer opportunities for employees to give back to the community/charities.

Plerinauts are creating a safer place for businesses to operate, and at the same time, we want to show to our community that our care extends outside of the security space as well. We want to make an impact on society in many different ways. Therefore we highly encourage our team to dedicate 1% of their time to volunteering initiatives. Volunteering engagements include partnering with local communities, whether in teams or solo, virtual or in-person and/or organising donations through various different drives.

Pledge 1% of Product: Providing a discount for not-for-profits to purchase our product.

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